How to Recognize Your Driver

You must be relieved and happy to have landed, gone through customs, and found your luggage. We know that you’re tired, but now it’s time to connect with your CLLC driver. You’ve probably been thinking about this and you might have even asked yourself the question, “What if nobody finds me in the airport?”

Well, please relax. You’ll easily recognize your driver from the sign they’ll be carrying with the CLLC logo and your name on it!

Don’t panic if you don’t see your driver right away. CLLC drivers know the airports well. The most important thing is to stay where you are. Just have a seat and eventually our driver will find you. We recommend that you choose CLLC’s airport pick-up service if your English level is low.

If you’ve been waiting for 20 minutes or more please feel free to call your campus homestay staff, campus Director, or agent. Any one of them will be able to help you. The contact information for all these people will be in the CLLC information sheet given to you by your agent. A final important point to remember is to stay in the “Arrivals” area. This is where your driver will be looking for you.

Once our driver finds you, let them take your bags. They’ll put them in the car and they will invite you to sit down in the back to relax. Enjoy being treated like royalty as you’ll be offered water and candy. For the trip to your homestay just sit back, relax, and take some photos if you’d like. This will be a day to remember.

CLLC’s airport pick-up service will help you even if your flight is delayed, if your arrival times change or if you experience a delay coming through customs at the airport. They track all of these things, so they always know when to expect you.

Here’s a tip: To avoid pick-up delays please inform CLLC immediately of any flight changes.