Immigration & Customs

Now that you’ve landed in Canada it’s time to go through customs. This is a step that intimidates some people, but it’s really not a big deal. Just be aware that you will have to speak with a Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer. The most important thing when speaking to a CBSA officer is to have the following items ready:

  1. Passport
  2. Canadian Visa (if you have one)
  3. CLLC Letter of Acceptance
  4. CLLC homestay information or hotel confirmation
  5. Airline ticket
  6. Customs Declaration Card
  7. If you’re asked some questions just be truthful and if you don’t understand a question ask the officer to repeat it. If you still don’t understand just say, “I don’t speak English”. Don’t just say “yes” or “no.”

It’s really important that you declare all your items on the Customs Declaration Card. If asked if you’re bringing food, then declare it even if it’s just a snack, gum, or even chocolate. The CBSA officer’s job is to just simply make sure that you have all the proper documents to enter Canada. So be cooperative and everything will be fine.

Oh, and one last important point! If you’re coming on a study permit for more than 6 months, the CBSA officer might send you to a CIC officer in another office.

Photo credit: conner395 / Foter / CC BY