Now that you’ve gone through customs, you can pick up your luggage.

Baggage claim is clearly marked with your flight number, however, if you are uncertain just ask at an information desk or look at the information screen.

To make sure you can easily identify your luggage, tie a tag with your name and address on the handle. Keep it covered so not everyone can see it, and do something to make your bag recognizable, such as adding stickers, coloured ribbons, etc.

If you have more than one piece of luggage and need a cart, most Canadian airports offer carts for free. Once you get your luggage, and if this is your first international destination, the CBSA officers will take your Customs Declaration Card. If the CBSA officers want to check your luggage, they will direct you to another area where your bags will be checked.

If for some reason, your luggage doesn’t arrive, go to the airport Help Desk and show the staff your luggage receipts. If you can’t find the desk, don’t worry, tell your homestay or tell us on your first day of school so we can help you communicate with the airline.

It is recommended to have at least three days worth of clothing in your carry-on bag, as three days is the standard to return lost luggage.

Here’s a great tip: All Canadian airports offer free Wi-Fi, so as soon as you’ve collected your bags and gone through customs, you can contact your host family to let them know you arrived safely.

Photo credit: gorbould / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND