Now that you’ve found your campus, it’s time to experience CLLC orientation.

So, what does orientation mean? Orientation is just a fancy way of saying that CLLC staff will introduce you to the culture, class schedules, staff, and polices of the school.

This is going to be an exciting day. Today is the day you meet new friends, your teachers and your school administrative team. Since you are so important to CLLC, your Campus Director will be spending the morning with you. You’ll learn about the whole CLLC experience, and you will have your questions answered. This welcome session will be followed by a tour of the school and the surrounding area.

We have gone to great lengths to provide an educational setting that is both modern in appearance and student friendly. Our interior design team has created spaces within our schools that use the best of today’s technology while maintaining a warm, youthful, and inviting atmosphere. Our design philosophy is based on transition and unity. Therefore, efforts have been made to ensure that each CLLC campus provides the same atmosphere, feel, and decor for you.