Now that you’ve booked your tickets and packed your bag, it’s time to make sure you have all the important pieces of paper that you’ll need both to enter Canada and while studying here.

First, make two photocopies of all your travel documents in case of an emergency. Leave one copy with a relative or friend at home. Carry the other copy in a separate place from the originals.

Here’s what you’ll need to photocopy and bring:

  1. Passport ID page
  2. Canadian Visa (if you have one)
  3. CLLC and /or university Letter of Acceptance
  4. CLLC homestay information or Hotel confirmation
  5. Airline ticket
  6. Driver’s license (if you need one)
  7. Your CLLC arrival package information including CLLC’s 24/7 emergency numbers.
  8. Medical Insurance (unless you’re buying from CLLC)

Don’t forget to bring your credit cards and cash in CAD currency. It’s also recommended to keep your baggage receipts until you receive them upon your arrival.

Once you arrive to your homestay or hotel go through your documents to make sure everything is there. If you’re going to be staying at the same place for a while be sure and store everything in a safe place.

Here’s one last tip – Register with your home embassy so they can help you if you lose your passport.

Photo credit: irrezolut / Foter / CC BY-SA