Selecting an Agency

Congratulations on deciding to study English!

Here’s a hint though, before you choose a city, or apply directly to the school, consider finding an agent or recruiter. Agents and recruiters can help you find great schools (like CLLC), connect you with an immigration consultant to explain visa processes, and tell you the important details of travelling overseas.

Here are some tips for finding a great agent:

  1. Know your goals and what you’re interested in.
  2. Use the internet to find agencies and student reviews of their services.
  3. If you’ve been recommended a school by a friend, contact the school to find agents in your area.
  4. Ask family, friends, and teachers if they can recommend a good agent to you.
  5. If you need help finding an agent go to
  6. If you haven’t picked a school yet, ask your agent for options.
  7. Ask the agent for testimonials from past students.
  8. Get the details of all costs, fees, and refund policies.
  9. Read documents carefully before you sign them.

If you need more help, just contact one of our Directors.