Selecting your City

Great job on selecting your agency.

Now that you’ve decided on an agent, you need to decide where in Canada you want to study.

You might make this decision based on where you have friends, where you’ve been accepted to college or university, or just a new city you’d like to experience.

Luckily, CLLC has campuses in three awesome Canadian cities: Toronto, Ottawa, and Halifax.

  • If big city life, great shopping, amazing festivals, incredible diversity, and safety are at the top of your list, then Toronto is your town.
  • If you want to enjoy a diverse selection of galleries and museums, as well as be close to Montreal and New York, then Ottawa is for you.
  • If you’re craving the student life, need to be close to the ocean, and want to relax in a small city, then historical Halifax is your best bet.

Do you wish to visit more than one city during your visit to Canada?

At CLLC we also have a Life-Time promotion where you can start studying at one campus and then transfer to another.

During this promotion you’ll benefit from:

  1. Free second application fee – Free second homestay application fee.
  2. No second placement test – Use the same textbooks.
  3. The same fees (tuition, homestay, textbook, etc.) across all campuses.
  4. Our standardized schedule (all campuses are on the same unit on any given week so you’ll never miss a class or unit).

This is a great way to enjoy the full CLLC experience.