Saying Goodbye!

Can you believe it’s over?

Your first day must seem like just yesterday. You knew this day was coming, and you expected it, but saying goodbye to new friends is probably the most difficult part about your time at CLLC.

The great thing is that graduations happen every week at CLLC, and they celebrate students like you who are moving on. Also, there are those students who are celebrating birthdays or who have won awards.

CLLC works hard to do the small things right all the time. From the first day you arrive at the school until graduation day, we collect pictures, videos and testimonials of your CLLC experience to create your personal graduation video.

In your graduation ceremony, the entire school will be watching your video after you receive your certificate. Everyone will also get to enjoy hearing from your teachers. Visit CLLC’s Youtube channel to see past graduations and get ideas for your own speech.

We also kindly encourage you to fill out our satisfaction survey before you leave. As you know you’ve filled out many surveys while at CLLC, but this one may be the most important.

While it’s never easy to say goodbye, here are a couple of tips to help get you through it:

Be active on social media – Luckily, social media makes it so easy to keep in touch. Download an app, email, Facetime, Skype, text, or even just talk on the phone. With all these methods you can check in with your friends regularly with no reason to ever lose touch.

Plan a reunion – While you’re still with your friends, talk about planning a reunion trip. You don’t have to confirm dates, but start thinking about a small trip where you and your group of friends can get back together and catch up. Just talking about the idea of a down-the-road trip can be fun, and is also a great way to stay in touch.

Remember that goodbye doesn’t have to be forever!