Travelling back Home

Wow, there is no doubt you’re feeling a lot of different emotions right now: excitement, sadness, uncertainty, etc. There’s probably even part of you that doesn’t want to leave. The good thing is that we’re not going anywhere. Please stay in touch by e-mail, phone, or text.…We’d love to hear how you’re doing.

When it’s time to head back home, be sure you have all your travel documents with you, such as passport and flight tickets. Also, you may have picked up some souvenirs for family and friends, so be sure and check with your airlines baggage allowance to see if you need to pay any extra fees.

When you’re sitting on the plane, on the train, or in the car, you can reflect on what a great experience you have had. This may actually be the most rewarding part of your journey. You will finally get to show family and friends the result of all your hard work.

Your CLLC family wishes you all the best.