Arriving at Your Homestay

Your homestay will be as anxious to meet you as you are to meet them, so when you meet for the first time give them smile, a hug and a warm greeting. Be friendly and be yourself!

CLLC families are really experienced at hosting international students, so they’re experts on how to make you feel at home and they understand how you might be feeling.

Don’t be afraid to tell them what you need once you arrive too; you may be hungry, or you may want to take a shower, or you may want to take a few minutes to call your family, or just sleep. Use your body language to tell them and they’ll understand.

Now, if this is your first time living in a Canadian home, please don’t compare it to your own home. If you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason just come to your campus on the scheduled Monday and talk to our homestay staff. They will fix any problems you have.

Finally, CLLC controls the quality of its homestay program through the Quality Assurance Rating System (QARS) which relies on student survey results in 6 foundational areas regarding their homestay experiences.