Life in Canada

Canada is a great country in which to study and live. It’s friendly, safe, peaceful, and it has a high standard of living. We love it…and you will too!

While Canada is a great place to live, it’s probably a bit different than your home country. Here are some things you should know about most Canadians:

  1. When it comes to policies and prices, Canadians don’t negotiate.
  2. Canadians don’t differentiate between genders or ethnicities.
  3. Most Canadians are appreciative and are polite.
  4. Canadians are understanding to religious differences.
  5. In restaurants, you generally don’t get extra food for free, such as a small salad. Servers often expect tips of 15% or more.
  6. In Canada, you won’t get anything for free, so don’t be surprised if you pay for a plastic bag at a grocery store.
  7. Respect of cultural differences is very important