Now, for the reason you’re here,…studying English!

CLLC offers you:

  1. Full-Time, Part-Time, and Intensive General English Courses
  2. University Pathway Program (UPP)
  3. Accelerated Program
  4. IELTS Exam Preparation
  5. Standardized Testing (IELTS/TOEFL)
  6. Plus One (Customized Electives)
  7. Business English
  8. Group Packages
  9. Teen Camps

CLLC textbooks give you the academic foundation to improve your English. You’ll also be taught by up to three different teachers every level who will each create a stimulating learning environment for you and your classmates.

Every Monday CLLC welcomes new students like yourself to our campuses. We also enjoy weekly graduations and weekly move-ups.

General English(Levels 1-6)

CLLC’s flexible, student centred General English (GE) Program consists of six levels, ranging from Introductory English to Advanced. The GE program develops key competencies in at least five core English language learning areas: Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Critical Thinking, with an emphasis on academic writing. CLLCs rigorous curriculum is founded on a number of external ESL criteria such as the Canadian Language Benchmarks, TOEFL, and IELTS. Upon reaching the the Advanced level, students typically achieve a TOEFL score of 70-75 and IELTS score of 6.0, although students have also achieved TOEFL scores as high as 90.

The GE program is 25 hours per week.  Most students will spend 8-10 weeks per level, however, students are able to progress through the levels at their own pace through weekly start dates, weekly move ups, weekly graduation and flexible course schedule options.
Start Date: Weekly
Length of Program: 1-104 weeks

General English table

University Pathway Program

Our University Pathway Program (UPP) ensures you are well prepared for university life in Canada. This academic based program focuses on time management, note taking, exam preparation, academic presentations and essay writing. If you complete the UPP in any of our three cities you can continue onto one of our partner universities or colleges without writing an English language proficiency exam. Students will study 25 hours per week.
Start Date: Weekly
Length of Program: 12 weeks
Here’s a current list of CLLC’s UPP partners. The chart also includes your “roadmap to success”, whether you’d like to follow the UPP path, IELTS or Business.

Accelerated Program

CLLC’s Accelerated Program will provide students with the English language skills, strategies, and knowledge to successfully graduate from CLLC’s General English (GE) and University Pathway Programs (UPP) within 52 weeks. Students enjoy a full time General English curriculum with an additional IELTS/TOEFL class and CLLC’s “Plus One” elective class. Students in levels 4, 5, and 6 study 35 hours per week while students in levels 1, 2, and 3 study 25 hours per week. It is open to all students who would like to finish their studies within one calendar year.

IELTS Exam Preparation

Our full and part-time IELTS exam preparation courses are designed to give you the skills, techniques and knowledge you need to exceed your exam goals. CLLC teachers focus in-depth on the modules of the IELTS exam to make sure you know what to expect when taking an IELTS test. You need to be in our Level 5 General English to enroll in this class.
Start Date: Weekly, check with your campus Director prior to registration
Length of Program: 4 weeks minimum

Standardized English Exam Skills (IELTS / TOEFL / TOEIC)

CLLC’s full and part-time courses give you the flexibility to study for standardized English exams at your own pace. Our highly trained ESL teachers are committed to giving you the skills you need to exceed your exam goals. You need to meet our Level 5 General English requirements to enroll in this class.
Start Date: Weekly, check with your campus Director prior to registration
Length of Program: 4 weeks minimum

Plus One

Plus One is a CLLC trademarked program designed to give you the chance to customize your own learning. Will the Plus One you’re empowered to tailor your academic needs and interests into an individualized learning plan. Each Plus One topic is two weeks in length, so you get the chance to study many different topics during your study period.


English for Diplomats Certificate Program

This unique course is for foreign national business professionals such as diplomats, embassy officials, ambassadors, and government employees who would like to increase their English language fluency, skills, and confidence. The program is dynamic and inclusive and participants are expected to engage fully.

It is designed to introduce participants to the language of business etiquette as well as the familiar language of everyday speech. At the end of this program, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • the ability to speak, write, and understand facts, concepts, and terms of Canadian government and politics
  • the ability to read and understand political, business, and social readings such as newspapers and magazines
  • the ability to listen to and understand political, business, and social programs on the radio and television
  • the ability to lead a business meeting
  • the ability to participate in and communicate ideas in a business meeting
  • the ability to write formal and informal emails, letters, and reports
  • the ability to speak, present, and negotiate with increased confidence
  • the ability to participate in social events with ease

Additional topics will include:

Global English, Making Contacts, Making & Handling Calls, Keeping Track of Business, Business Travel, Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Responsible Corporate Citizenship.

Group Packages

CLLC offers special group rates and discounts for more than 5 students. Customized programs and flexible schedules are available based on group requirements. Chaperones are welcome. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Teen English Adventure

Our Teen English Adventure is designed for students between the ages of 15-18 who want to make new friends, explore different places and create lasting memories. Students can choose from three of Canada’s most exciting cities: Halifax, Ottawa and Toronto. Each city offers students unforgettable adventures and social activities throughout the summer and winter months.