Letter of Acceptance

At this point you have chosen an agency and a city, you have reviewed our prices, checked for Visas, and sent your online student application to CLLC.

The LOA processing time at this point depends on providing your payment. Once payment has been received by CLLC, it will take less than two business days to receive the LOA by e-mail. If the process takes longer than two days, please contact your campus Director.

Now you’ve finally received the LOA! This is big news!

Once you receive your LOA it is important to verify that your name and date of birth match your passport. You also need to start your studies at CLLC on the start date shown in the LOA. If you cannot start on the initial start date, your application will be cancelled. In order to receive another LOA, you will need to contact your Director with your new start date.

Your LOA is a very important document, especially while you’re travelling. Keep it safe with your passport, Study Permit or Visa, flight tickets and homestay information. You may be asked to show your LOA when you go through Canadian Customs if you’re arriving from overseas.